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Everything you need to know about us

Our Vision

is to be Vienna's representative for adventure and excitement.
is to host the most memorable events.

Our Mission

is to break locals out of boring routines and habits.
is to provide visitors with extraordinary, outstanding experiences.

What we value the most


We are willing to bend fictional rules of etiquette or politeness to get things done.
We love progress.


Doing the right thing will always be the right thing. This is our life ethic.
GetVienna is the Synonym.


is an all-time high at GetVienna, and it's the ultimate goal for every decision we take.
Boredom is our Enemy.


Ever talked to someone and got deceived by their appearance? It‘s fascinating.
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What we truly and deeply dislike

boredom, silly/unreasonable rules, bureaucracy, stagnation, racism

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The Birth of GetVienna

Born and bred in Vienna, living was as simple as a dimple. As long as I was concerned, there was nothing special about this town – Vienna was only a regular abode with no atom of excitement. Even as a kid, I heard rumours about tourists who came from across the globe to visit.

So after my graduation in 2016, boredom struck like a tornado because there was no form of engagement. The time that was once used for studying, was now available.

Before, in November 2015, I met a lady from another continent entirely.
In the upcoming summer she was about to tour in my hometown, Vienna. It was finally time to perform tour-guide duties.
There and then, I became the living manifestation of Dora, The Explorer.

Touring the city, a sudden sense of embarrassment dawned on me upon the realization that for the first time in many years, I felt like a stranger on my soil. Instead of a feeling of estrangement, my attraction for this city grew aggressively.

It was one form of excitement and adventure after another – from recreation to relaxation, down to romance – we had the time of our lives exploring Vienna. And I yearned for it without remorse.

As the potentials of the city unfolded right before my eyes, I knew then that there were many more like me out there who just need an extra pair of eyes to see the beauty that surrounds them. Since then, I’ve been willing to be those eyes and make a change in the world – the world of tourism.

Micha V.